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Logon and Logoff Events in Active Directory - MorganTechSpace Mar 16, 2020 Windows Domain Controller Authentication Logon Logging and Same rules apply to both local logon and domain logon. The trick is to look at the Logon Type listed in the event 4624. If the event says. Logon Type: 3. then you know that it was a network logon. These events occur on domain controllers when users (or computers) log on to the AD domain, so yes, collecting the domain controllers is what you Real-Time Tracking of Active Directory login, Track logon Domain Controllers are the central critical components in the Active Directory from where AD changes are effected. Domain Controller logon is restricted to privileged or Admin users and complete information on logon attempts done by other users equips administrators to take informed corrective measures.

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User logon auditing is the only way to detect all unauthorized attempts to log in to a domain. It’s necessary to audit logon events — both successful and failed — to detect intrusion attempts, even if they do not cause any account lockouts. Script Get All AD Users Logon History with their Logged on May 10, 2017 How to Monitor User Logons in Active Directory Domain

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