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A simple question my 360( the latest version,4GB)was working fine the other day with a wireless connection to the internet.Turn it on today,no internet.I thought,OK,no big deal,it's close enough to the router,just use a wired connection.No connection.Tried everything on the MS support site,no go.Tried a second router,no go. Is it worth buying XBOX 360 without internet connection I don't have xbox live, but I still enjoy my 360, a lot. Though I KNOW what I'm missing *cries* BTW: Xbox live isn't avaiable to all countries, nor all countries have decent broadband connection. How do I connect my x-box to u - AT&T Community Forums Apr 11, 2013

Xbox wireless adapters can cost around $60 to $90. That’s a total rip-off. While it’s the best way to connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet, there’s still a different way to do it if you don’t want to spend $60. Here’s how: Things you’ll need to connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet without using a wireless adapter

Nov 28, 2013

How To Fix Xbox Live Connection/Internet Issues (TUTORIAL) Oct 02, 2014 How to fix test failed on Xbox 360 console. - YouTube