The configuration/settings can be easily changed to switch the protocols, servers and IP addresses. Not only this, Kepard premium VPN service has lot more to offer! With so many features and decent pricing, the Kepard premium VPN service definitely covers all the risk factors and provides their users with secured environment.

Kepard also offers you the chance to get free service through their referral program. You can get a maximum of 180 days of free VPN service by telling your friends about them. If they sign up for the service, you will get 30 days of service, and your friend will get 15 days for free. Kepard VPN Review - One of the Most Cheapest VPN Change IP Address. When you select a country, it will give you an option to choose from multiple IP addresses. Click on the Change IP on the dashboard and a list of IP addresses will be shown from which you can select anyone you want. Kepard VPN Settings. Change VPN Protocol How To Change Your IP {Using A VPN} -Usefull For Botting Aug 31, 2013 Kepard VPN for Android free for 92 Days Oct 04, 2013

Cyberghost Opera 👈KepardPros+

Aug 28, 2013 · Static IP Adress A static IP adress is when someone cannot change there IP by turning off their router/modem. Many people now'days can just switch of the router for a couple of minutes and their IP will be changed, however there are a lot of people who have a static IP adress. 5.Click change IP or country button to switch IP and country. 6.You can change vpn protocol connection in this dialer software. The connection is quite fast, not so much different with local internet connection as i tested it. What impressed me is Kepard dialer software is allow to switch vpn protocol connection instantly without any configuration. Change IP Save Money Unblock Netflix; All Apps🔥+ Cyberghost Opera Hide Your Ip Address. Cyberghost Opera Cutting-Edge Technology On The Inside. Watch Any Content hide IP or change IP, 365 days of free trial which is more than enough for most of users, unlimited traffic (connection doesn’t get sluggish) and unrestricted speeds. Once again this giveaway is sponsored by Kepard – the VPN service provider. Good luck everyone and keep your eyes and ears open for the winners! Kepard VPN Winners!

Kepard VPN for Android free for 92 Days

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