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Dec 06, 2017 · How Do You Unblock Youtube At School So if a firewall is obstructing you, you should use a proxy to see for those who can entry the web site, as a result of the firewall will most probably have blocked your IP deal with or an IP range.

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Tor is an anonymity network that can potentially help unblock websites. Tor uses proxies to make the user untraceable by sending internet traffic through a series of random nodes around the world. This will give you a different IP address and hide the websites you’re visiting from your school, office, or government.

Feb 07, 2020 · You might even have difficulty surfing the web at school or at work. Some restrictions do not allow browsing on popular sites, like YouTube and Facebook. Luckily, there are free methods to help you bypass these filters and unblock these blocked websites. You don’t even need to be tech savvy to do it.