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Feb 26, 2018 How to set up a Hotmail account on iPhone Feb 21, 2014 With just a few steps, you can set up your new iPhone or make the switch to one. Set up your new iPhone Transfer all of your information and settings just by placing your previous iPhone next to your new one. Oct 07, 2019 · If you have an Apple Watch and you got a new iPhone, unpair your Apple Watch from your previous iPhone before you set up your new device. Unpairing automatically backs up your Apple Watch so you can restore it after you pair with a new iPhone. Make sure that you have a backup of your device. Have your Apple ID and password ready.

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Install Google Authenticator - iPhone & iPad - Google Under "Set up alternative second step," go to the "Authenticator app” section, and tap Set up. Follow the steps on the screen. To make sure it works, get a 6-digit code from your Authenticator app. Enter the code and tap Verify. If your code is correct, you'll see a confirmation. If your code is incorrect, try again. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus setup guide: 10 easy first Set up the new iPhone as a new phone and don’t transfer data from an old iPhone. When the Quick Start screen appear, tap the Set Up Manually link at the bottom. On the next screen, select a Wi How to Set Up a Chromecast with Your iPhone Jan 27, 2020