@CJunit According to this log, your VPN has only disconnected a few times due to connection loss, but it seems for some reason the app was unable to talk to OpenVPN at all a few times despite the log showing it did start and connect. Do you run a third-party firewall or antivirus by chance? I'll probably be more reliable on Linux, OpenVPN generally runs better there and there's definitely less

1 Firewall or Antivirus. Any third party firewalls or antivirus programs installed on your device may … My VPN connection is randomly disconnecting. What can I do Disconnections are frustrating and can potentially compromise your privacy. It is very helpful to have a basic understanding of what causes a VPN to disconnect in order to troubleshoot the issue. Solved: My VPN, Private Internet Access Keeps Disconnecting Apr 23, 2018

VPN Keeps Disconnecting Randomly - OpenVPN Support Forum

smartcard-removal-disconnect enable security-group-tag none periodic-authentication certificate 4 webvpn anyconnect ssl dtls enable anyconnect mtu 1300 anyconnect firewall-rule client-interface public none anyconnect firewall-rule client-interface private value GENERAL_Filter anyconnect keep-installer installed anyconnect ssl rekey time none My VPN connection keeps disconnecting from server

Feb 15, 2012

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