Feb 27, 2016 · Erase your computer and install or reinstall OS X that was factory-preloaded; Restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup; Check your Internet connection or get help online using Safari; If your Mac’s startup volume and its recovery partition are damaged or corrupted, the computer will automatically enter Internet Recovery Mode when powered on.

First, you want to decide whether your Mac can run the macOS or Mac OS X model that you really want to install. As a rule of thumb, you can assume that your Mac will run any model of macOS or Mac OS X that was supported when this Mac was launched, and any model that … Install Failed Mac OS X cannot be installed on your computer Jun 26, 2010 Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer | Apple iOS

Actually, it can. Now that OSX targets Intel architecture, there are instructions available online to build a "Hackintosh", a computer built from non-Apple parts that can run OSX. A few laptops are OSX-compatible, but Mac-hackers have the best suc

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The previous drive was bad. I erased the new harddrive with Disk Utility and selected the recommended MAC OS Extended (Journaled). The new drive shows with the named partitioned file. I installed the original Macbook Air installation disk 10.5 in the Macbook Air external Super Drive. When I attempt to install I get the above message.

Selecting the disk tells me 'Mac OS X cannot be installed on Macintosh HD, because this disk cannot be used to start up your computer.' Rebooting and attempting an install direct from CD yields "You Cannot Install Mac OS X on This Volume: How to resolve?