Find My iPhone (or Find My iPad) links your Apple ID (iCloud account) to your kit, so that you can find it or wipe it remotely. That's great to help prevent your kit from being stolen, but if you want to sell it or book it in for repair, you'll need to take Find My iPhone (FMIP) off your kit first. If your iPhone is no longer with you because you either sold it or gave it away or if your iPhone’s screen is broken or it is not turning back on because of a dead battery then the good news is that you can turn off Find My iPhone or remove iPhone remotely from Find my iPhone using by following these steps. #2. Remove Find My iPhone by Erasing All Contents and Settings. The iOS Settings app can be of good assistance in removing Find My iPhone from any iOS device. However, this would also erase all content and settings in the device. Hence, you can unlock your iPhone or iPad and follow these steps to remove Find My iPhone from your device: Step 1.

When I log in to iCloud (using instructions found at Find My iPhone: Remove your device) to turn the find iPhone off, it asks for the two step verification code, which I assume is being sent to the old phone, which Verizon has, and is DEAD. There is NO way for me to turn the phone off while not having a working phone.

Jan 24, 2018 · Start Find iPhone – Click the icon “Find iPhone” from the current iCloud apps after signing into the account. Choose The Device – On the top of the page that follows, choose “All Devices” and then the device on which Find My iPhone should be disabled. Steps to Disable Find My iPhone Remotely from iCloud.Com First Option: Erase iPhone:

If you still feel there’s a virus in your iPhone, you can visit an Apple Store and get further assistance to remove it. As a final resort, you can perform a phone reset and erase everything from the iPhone and begin fresh. To do this: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Tap “General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.” Sep 23, 2019 · Tap “iCloud,” and then tap “Find My iPhone.” Toggle off “Find My iPhone,” and then type your Apple ID password. You can now follow these steps to reset your device: Go to Settings > General > Reset. Tap “Erase all Content and Settings,” confirm your decision, and then wait for the procedure to complete.