About this time every year, Apple gives a gift to mobile developers: the newest version of iOS. The all-new Apple iOS 7 launched at WWCD 2013 this week and Just after 48 hours of iOS 7 release, Jose Rodriguez able to hack and bypass Lockscreen to access the Photos in just a few seconds.. It’s no surprise that iOS 7 beta has its flaws. iOS is infamously popular for its lockscreen bugs that

How to Use Control Center in iOS 7 - Tutorial - LAPTOP Sep 18, 2013 An iOS 7 Gesture Recognition Tutorial - Techotopia Having covered the theory of gesture recognition on iOS in the chapter entitled Identifying Gestures using iOS 7 Gesture Recognizers, the purpose of this chapter is to work through an example application intended to demonstrate the use of the various UIGestureRecognizer subclasses.. The application created in this chapter will configure recognizers to detect a number of different gestures on Download iOS 7.1 - iOS 7 Download for iPhone, iPad, and

Sep 17, 2013

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